Introducing the WineKaddy TM. The ultimate wine carrying case.

The ultimate way to protect and transport your wine. Whether you are spending the day wine tasting, going on a picnic, out to dinner or traveling, you can be assured that your wine will be protected.

We offer our WineKaddy TM, wine carrying case in 6 and 9 bottle designs.

The 6 bottle kaddy's are ideal for bringing your favorite wines to a party, a weekend getaway, or when traveling out of town by car or by air. Both can be safely checked through the airline baggage service.

The 6 and 9 bottle (XL style) kaddy's are designed for Wine Merchants and Sales People who need to transport wines on sales calls or special events. Both feature a removable telescopic handle and wheels for easy transportation.

All kaddy's are constructed using high-grade industrial grade aluminum to provide for maximum strength and protection of your wine with minimal weight. The exterior of the WineKaddy TM is painted with an electrostatic powder paint which provides an attractive, yet durable, protective finish. Styrene inserts and rubber gaskets help protect your wine from temperature fluctuations and physical damages during transportation. Quality latches and handles make transporting your wine virtually effortless. Optional locking latches are also available.

The WineKaddy TM, wine carryng case is riveted offering the same insulation and protection values as other welded products, but at a more economical price.

Wine temperature variation and drop tests have been performed to evaluate the ability of the
TM to control temperature. The results of these tests are available online.

Along with our 30 day money back guarantee, all WineKaddy’s TM carry a full 1-year warrantee on manufacturing and hardware. Styrene inserts can be replaced if damaged for a minimal cost.


WineKaddy TM
The Ultimate Wine Carrying Case

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