Secure TSA Locking Strap

Add Security to your WineKaddy TM with this TSA Approved StrapSafe for an additional $19.
Featuring patented “Baggage Constrictor TM” technology, the StrapSafe 100 cannot be loosened once locked, unlike other luggage straps. The Travel Sentry® Approved 3-dial combination lock can be safely opened and relocked by TSA (Transport Security Administration) luggage inspectors.

Anti-theft features
3-dial Travel Sentry® Approved combination lock
Baggage Constrictor TM technology means strap cannot be loosened when locked.

Materials: nylon webbing
Length: adjustable from 95.5 cm to 190 cm
Width: 5 cm / 2 in
Weight: 150 g / 6 oz


Secure TSA Locking Strap
Price: $19.00